It's A Mystery Events are an inter-active Mystery game designed to get people talking with our Characters and Detectives, as well as each other, in an attempt to have FUN.


Instead of Actors on a stage, our Characters mingle in, pretending to be part of the group; sitting with them, eating, talking, participating, trying to blend in,  etc. Then during the Event several "Incidents" occur, after which follows a period of Investigative work by our Detective. In most cases, the "Incidents" involve a Dead Body. Found on these Bodies are various Clues and Evidence; some of which are clues needed to solve the Mystery, others are what we call Red Herring Clues these are clues made up of information and items provided on some of the individuals attending the Event. This is how we get the people at the Event involved, by making them look as if they are involved in the Crime.  In fact we love to “arrest” one or more of your group as the “Guilty” parties.


Running time is typically between 2 and 2.5 hours, but we are flexible on timing and willing to shorten or lengthen the program based on the client's needs. Event timing is affected by the size of the group ( larger groups tend to take longer).


We want to emphasize that an Event is flexible and we are willing to accommodate special circumstances into an Event, such as award presentations, speeches, etc.  We also are able, for a nominal fee,  to write special scripts for  particular Circumstances. There are also scripts for various "Holidays " during the year. Whatever  you want, we can usually provide.


The emphasis of the Event is to have Fun. It is an unique entertainment, adapted for and to the audience.